Friends I've never met ..Bob Perks

"Words Heal the Hurting Heart"
By Bob Perks

In this post Bob perks says about '"Himalaya," my friend, whom I've never met' really its precious story to me, because I know whose that friend ...its me. yes! those are my words written to Bob Perks,oh! its unbelievable fact. How can I say my feelings in limited words...its not possible to me ...

Hello, my friend!
I was thinking about you right now and had to write to tell you so.
"I wish you enough!"

"Words Heal the Hurting Heart" By Bob Perks

I type words on my computer screen to tell a story.  Because your
time is taken up by so many other things, I always try my best to
keep those words, my story, brief and to the point.
I would love to take the time to describe things in more details,
for I believe the real truth in a story are found in the details.
The architects of the Empire State building were Shreve, Lamb &
Harmon Associates.  The builders were Starrett Bros. & Eken.
It is 102 stories tall.  One could sum up the story of that
building by saying "That's a big building."
The building is much more than that.
There are 1,860 steps from street level to 102nd floor.
There are 6,500 windows.
It took 7,000,000 man-hours to construct.
Now, that's a story! But telling it, I most likely have
already lost the attention of a few of you.
Details can be boring to some and exciting to others.
When I describe an old man, or the look on a child's face, I try
my hardest to paint a mental picture for you so that you feel
connected to the people in my work.
Words do that.  They connect you with others on so many levels.
And how you say it is a challenge.
The words "I love you!" are powerful.  Mumbling them quickly,
means very little.  Saying them slowly with feeling has a more
powerful impact.
I know for a fact that I face another challenge in writing to
inspire.  There are language barriers.  Sometimes the point
I am trying to make gets lost in translation.
I am honored to tell you that a publisher in China uses some of
my stories to teach English to their students.  I can't put in
words how incredible that makes me feel.
It is indeed a small world.
Still, I write from my heart to touch yours no matter where you
It works both ways. Like one of my "friends I've never met,"
did with me today.
When I say I needed these words at that very moment it is an under
statement, but there they were:
"sir, thank you very much for your every post.. I want to say lot
of things for all your post but i haven't good fluency in english
so i can't say everything what I feel  by heart. I know your are
famous person in your world, but i am like your post not with that
name. really when ever i read your stories its gives unbelievable
fragrance to my heart. once again lot of thanks for all your posts

These words stood out for me:
"when ever i read your stories its gives unbelievable
fragrance to my heart."
Oh, my! Anyone who could write proper English, or speak it fluently,
could NEVER have said anything more powerful or touching to me.
My friend assumes that I am "a famous person" in my world.  Aren't
we all?  Each of us, in our own world, surrounded by those we love
and those who love us, are indeed famous. Famous enough to influence
them not only by what we do, but by what we say.
My personal goal has always been to "touch the world one person at
a time."
I now have another goal in all that I write for you..."To give
unbelievable fragrance to your heart."
"Himalaya," my friend, whom I've never have an incredible
command of the English language.
You touched my very soul today with your words. Thank you!
"I believe in you!"


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