an idiot box..

No, i am not talking about the TV. Why would some one call it idiot box(unless it is reality TV)? No one can deny how it 'educated' lakhs of Indians in a decade(What eleven 5-year plans could not do). I think an amendment should be made so that TV also can receive Bharat Ratna 

I am talking about the other idiot box which has penetrated into our lives, not just into living rooms(like the good old TV) but bedrooms kitchens and hmm... bathrooms. The instrument which has played havoc in our lives, which doesn't let us sleep or eat, the most selfish and possessive invention of man, the thing which keeps nagging us by making unnecessary sounds, wants us to stare into it all the time(i am talking about) the mobile phone.Even as i type this, I have already been disturbed five times by this thing.

Yes! Mobile phone- The New Idiot Box!

Just like the TV, 1st it was a luxury item, then it was a  must for all and now it has become a nuisance(Perfect example for history repeating itself!). If you ask me, it is the worst invention of man after Facebook(Yeah you read it right).

Students are getting disturbed, the employed are producing less, marriages are being broken(Poor Tiger Woods) and people are getting killed! All because of this idiot box. People are losing their health, money and family time. Why stick to a parasite, people? The only sane reason for using a cell phone is to stay in touch. But that is hardly why it is used these days. They are used for messaging(tired of the stupid meaning less forwards), taking pictures(we have cameras, don't we?), listening music(ah, miss the good old walk-mans and MP3s), taking videos(read as scandals) and more recently for watching porn in a legislative house.

Answer these... What is the last thing you look at before you sleep? What is the first thing you look at when you get up? What is the first thing you want to do when you see a beautiful view(Why don't you enjoy it? Why do you want to capture it's beauty in a 2 inch screen?) Why do you check my pockets frantically(as if you lost your eyes) if your phone doesn't make any noise for 10minutes? Why do you want to fit in your entire life in a small box?Its your life. Make it large!

Though it annoys us most of the time, it comes in handy sometimes(the same reason why most married men don't get divorced). But as someone said a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.I think time has come to untangle ourselves from the poisonous clutches of this electromagnetic wave emitting monster and GET A LIFE(seriously).


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laxmikanth 04th Nov 2013 00:47:AM

Well said Shushma Gaaru, really I hate it, we had lived without it in the past, then no heaven were fall. why can't live without it now a days. usage every invention should have its own limits, those can not get rid off our natural lives. The youth are badly effecting with this new idiot box. who will save them?