Reservation in India is the outcome of the mistakes made in past by upper class people by discriminating a few sections of people as untouchables denying them the basic fundamental rights. Reservations were started to provide equal opportunities to these people who were ill-treated.

The intention sounds reasonable and fair but is reservation really helping India? The loop holes in implementation of reservations are making it lose its very purpose. Today, reservation in India is a toy in the hands of politicians to attract the vote banks to win elections. We can hardly find an election campaign these days where the campaigner does not use the words like caste or reservation to attract people. May be country’s economic progress has slowed down  in the recent time but it is making significant progress in increasing the percentage of reservations year by year with reservations even reaching in the allocations of jobs and even in the promotions which is a sad state of affair. Why is there any need for reservation in jobs when they are already given for admissions into the colleges? Why is there a need for reservation for promotions when they already have jobs?

It appears as if lower section of people are given equal opportunities with all these reservations but the fact is the same reservations are given to the children of a person who is well settled with a government job. Does that kid needs a reservation whose dad can afford to provide him all the facilities that a middle class person with no reservation can provide? Should the same family person be provided reservation lifelong just because he/she is born in a caste whose forefathers were ill-treated? This lifelong priority given to these people with caste certificate as a proof is like giving a lifelong service for buying a sim card of a particular network just by providing an address proof.

It would be better if reservations are provided based on financial status rather than on caste basis. And the reservation provided should be concentrated more on providing facilities to the students unlike the present system which ceases the student from working hard by providing things very easily. According to me people should be divided into categories based on financial status as I mentioned earlier and there should be sliding system where in people’s category keeps on varying based on their financial positions. The advantages of this kind of system or a system in similar lines is that

  1. Benefits will reach families who deserve the most.
  2. It will keep a check to the gimmicks of politicians who try to win elections by targeting a certain sections of people.
  3. As people no longer belong to the same category they won’t get attached to a particular category there by people tend to vote based on the nature of candidate instead of type of category he/she belongs to.
  4. The success achieved by implementing reservations can easily be measure from the figure of category conversions.


With all the drawbacks in the present system, the target has not been achieved and so there is an urgent need to bring changes to the existing system in order to achieve an egalitarian society.


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